Health care expiration dating policy

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Licenses and certificates arrive within two to six weeks.

After logging into your account, visit the “Update profile” link on the left hand side of the screen to update your address and/or communication details.

An incomplete or incorrect application will delay the processing of the application.

Approval notices are sent via email when renewal applications have been approved.

To examine the issue more closely, Cantrell and co-authors characterized the potency of several long-expired prescription medications.

The study involved eight medications comprising 15 different active ingredients, all in original, unopened containers.

"Given that Americans currently spend more than 0 billion annually on prescription medications, extending drug expiration dates could yield enormous healthcare expenditure savings." The potency of expired medications has been a source of debate for some time.

A drug's potency has not necessarily declined below levels established by law because an expiration date constitutes assurance only that labeled potency will remain stable at least until that date, the authors noted in their background information.

Check your address and communication details in the system, so that your renewed license/certificate is sent to the correct address and to allow LFS to contact you if necessary.

California law requires license and certificate holders to renew California licenses and certificates every two years.

Renewal of national certification is optional, and can only be done by contacting the national certifying organization directly.

All licensed clinical laboratory personnel (including cytotechnologists, medical laboratory technicians, scientists, and directors) must complete a total of 24 contact hours of continuing education provided by a Department-approved accrediting agency (PDF) or an accredited academic institution.

Complete the required number of continuing education credits during the 24 months prior to submitting a renewal application.

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Ultimately, the authors evaluated medications representing 14 drug compounds.